Sugar Book Review

Sugar Daddy & Baby Site

Sugar Book is a dating platform that links sugar babes to wealthy sugar daddies. It has an extensive database of subscribers worldwide, a modern interface, cool dating features, and a mobile app. the joining process is fast and free of cost. It also includes free and costly services. Sugar Book is the best platform for its members to develop beneficial relationships.

A sugar baby is a girl looking for her dream life and companionship, and a sugar daddy is an economically strong person looking for a partner to pamper and spend cash on to make her happy. Sugar daddies are wealthy and don't even think twice about spoiling girls willing to spend time with them.
Sugar Book is a social media site for the professional class. Unlike many other dating sites, we emphasize confidentiality and attempt to establish a platform for honest interactions. A sugar baby will find the natural and wealthy sugar daddies and enjoy allowances, gifts, extra care, and love.

Members Structure In Sugar Book

In the sugar baby site, here are almost 35% sugar babies and 65% sugar daddies seeking secret arrangements. Most female sugar babies are models, college students, struggling actresses; Sugar daddies are doctors, engineers, successful mature men. In general, about 3,000 active sugar babies and sugar daddies weekly. Most sugar daddies are from 35-60 years old, sugar babies are from 18-30 years old.

Signing-up Process

Signing up process on the sugar book website is very easy and fast. 

  • #1. Simply click on the join button and choose your role
  • #2. Your age must be over 18 years because sugar book is committed to protecting your privacy and security information. Their pledge to you is to provide a safe and secure dating environment. Be a real person and ensure you have entered the genuine details.
  • #3. When you tap "Continue," Sugar Book will send a text with a verification code. You can use the verified mobile number to log in.
  • #4. After a successful login, add a profile photo, and elaborate on your interests, relationship, terms, and conditions for a relationship. 
  • #5. Search for the dream person of your life. Thoroughly analyze the profiles and send a request for messages. 


Pros of Sugar Book

  • The verification process is strict to ensure your safety
  • There is an option for public and private photos.
  • The site now has more advanced security measures, resulting in fewer bots.
  • You can also use the desktop version or download the mobile app. 
  • Sugar Book provides extra benefits for students, such as student premium membership for free.
  • In case of any trouble, you can contact the customer support team through email at
  • You will find many free features on this website.
  • A large pool of highly engaged like-minded users looking for flirting.
  • Extensive search filters make it easy to find the best match for your needs in no time.
  • Your opportunity to hide your online status, the country of login, and when you were last seen.

Cons of Sugar Book

  • The premium features are pretty expensive, but you can save 30% to 40% for long-term plans.
  • Some fake accounts are suspended after being reported.
  • The app occasionally glitches, but it is quickly fixed.
  • You can send messages only with the gold membership profile.
  • There is no video chat available. 


Every dating platform tends to invite some new features to their site to make it unique from others. Female college and university students get premium membership free. Girls need to provide the enrolment proof or university email address to get this membership.

A strict verification process makes it a trustworthy site. It also ensures that each profile is genuine there are rare cases of a fake profile. There are lots of search options and filters available on the sugar book site so that you can easily find the dream person of your life. Advanced searches help you find the desired person according to refined criteria. Filters help you find the sugar baby you want according to age, height, color, eye color, and hair.

After advanced searches, you can buy the communication method when you find the person you want to communicate with. In this way, this sugar daddy dating app ensures that only the genuine person makes a conversation with you, not everyone who signs up for enjoyment or fun; they do not want to spend time or money in a relationship. It also provides free and paid membership features. 

Sugar Book also provides customer support; if you are facing some difficulties, you can contact them. They will give you advice and also helps you. There are public and private picture options are also available. 

You can also download the app version for your convenience and turn on notifications so that you can easily communicate with a sugar baby. In a mobile app, you don't need to log in again and again, as in the case of the desktop version. 



  • One Month
  • Billed in US $49.95 per month
$ 49.95



  • Three months
  • Billed in US $128.85 per 3 months
$ $42.95



  • 6 months
  • Billed in US $215.7 per 6 months
$ 35.95


Benefits of Sugar Book

Sugar Book is a dating site also suitable for finding sugar daddy relationships. It is a unique dating network with privacy-conscious features. Thousands of individuals worldwide use the website, which also has fantastic dating services. On the site, membership is concise. It's also entirely free.

The site's users can access both free and fee-based features. The sugar daddy website makes it easy to check through it and explore profiles without fully committing to anything. Registering to join other Ashley Madison participants and exploring profiles on the site is free.

How To Ask For A Sugar Daddy Allowance?

Asking about allowance is not optional; it is necessary for your relationship with a sugar daddy. Even experienced sugar babies feel hesitant, but there is nothing awkward and wrong in asking about allowance. Get closer first; don't start a conversation by talking about allowance. Be direct, honest, and polite. Show him respect.

Then ask what he desires from you; perhaps he might discuss allowance. If both individuals are interested in discussing finances and are clear on their objectives, the sugar allowance conversation will go well. Sugar daddies are generally businesspeople who prefer direct interaction.

The Success Story of Sugar Book:

" I think sugar book has totally changed how women approach dating," Danielle said. "Put aside the life of luxury, it is more towards gender equality and giving women a choice. I mean, why can men choose women for their youth and beauty but not women choosing men for their profession and success?" - Danielle, Singapore 

"I honestly did not think I would end up enjoying the sugar life when I first joined the platform, perhaps because I realized that I prefer older men to make better conversationalists."
- Dua, Thailand

" I joined sugar book because my friend found sugar daddy, who treats her like the lady she is, Elizabeth told sugar book. It's difficult for me to settle down as I'm constantly flying. So, this sort of dating suits me best."
- Elizabeth, Malaysia 

FAQ of Sugar Book

Is the sugar book ensuring members' safety?

The verification process for joining sugar books is strict about enhancing the safety of its members. You can fearlessly join this site. The latest SSL encryption is applied to prevent your data from hackers. Customers' safety is most important for the reputation of every platform. If you feel that a person's profile is not genuine, immediately report to the care center of sugar book, and they will suspend their Account.

Is sugar book a genuine dating site?

Yes, it is an authentic dating site. A sugar baby will easily connect with the sugar daddies. They can easily find a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Is sugar book a user-friendly interface?

Yes, this site is straightforward to use for a newbie. Everyone can easily understand how to use all the features available on this site. After the signing up process, you will have to wait 24 hours for your profile approval. When your profile is approved, you can easily use this site. There are some free features you can use before buying a paid membership. 

Do We Sign-up For This Site For Free?

The signing-up process is free, and some features are also free, but you don't have access to all the features available. You have to buy a paid membership to enjoy the best version of the site.



Suppose you are looking for a prosperous man who will take care of you and spend money on shopping, fancy restaurant dating, and expensive gifts, then this site is best for you. The site has a significant number of users who are ready to communicate.

Thus, you should sign up for it if you want to enjoy life with a rich guy from your city or meet a beautiful young lady to have a pleasant time. Do not hesitate to sign up on this site. Make your payment to unlock all the features of the site. Sugar Book dating sites helped many sugar babies find a wealthy sugar daddy, but no statistics are available for the number of successful relationships. We recommend that this is the best dating website with excellent services and a robust security system.